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Holiday Party Shenanigans

Updated: Nov 6, 2019

Party Entertainment from the Beginning to End

At Tanner Events we set out to entertain you and your guest no matter the event. with our Enchanted Mirror not only do we capture the fun but it is the life of the party!

Whether it is a wedding, birthday, fundraiser, & most definitely a holiday party there is always a line waiting their turn and picking out their favorite props.

This lovely group had their Holiday Party at such a unique venue in Chicago on Michigan Ave. - Row 24. We set them up with a custom video start screen and multiple overlay choices for print outs.

They had fun all night taking cute couple photos and goofy group shots, in fact the group shots where such a hit and the groups started growing so we made an executive decision to switch from the cute background we brought with us to the amazing focal wall in Row 24! We do not usually move the mirror once we started but when it is called for & you have such an amazing option like the neon and vine wall at Row 24 how could we resist?

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